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Cinnamon for Dogs

Surprising to most, Cinnamon has many health benefits. Cinnamon has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it improves gut health, reduces blood pressure, and relieves digestive discomfort. If you feed cinnamon to your dog it can slow bacterial growth, and help older dogs fight off diabetes. It has also been proven to help older dogs fight yeast infections.

Like most ingredients we add to our dogs diets, there is a limit on how much we can give them… How much cinnamon is too much cinnamon? Research recommends that the amount of cinnamon that is safe for your dog depends on weight. 1-10 pounds: you shouldn’t give more than 1/8 teaspoons daily If your dog is over 100 pounds: you can give up to two teaspoons daily

Keep in mind you cannot just sprinkle cinnamon onto your dogs food or hand them a cinnamon stick. This could cause your pup to cough, choke, or have a hard time breathing. It is best to mix the proper amount of cinnamon into water or bone broth, you can even cook it into a homemade treat.

If you feed your dog too much cinnamon don’t worry!

The step to follow if your dog eats too much cinnamon are:

Call your vet immediately

Don’t panic! It is not toxic, though it may cause your dog discomfort.

Get your dog a lot of water

If your vet advises go to an emergency clinic!

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