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Protein Powder for Dogs!

Just like the protein powder you add to your daily smoothie, protein powders for dogs are formulated to optimize nutrition levels.

Protein supplements for dogs typically utilize different amino acids to help build and maintain their muscle strength. Protein powders are safe to give your dog, as long as you are using a good company and follow the dosage as instructed. Protein powders are typically only given to very active breeds or hard-working dogs, if your dog doesn’t frequently exercise there are other options to added nutrients to their diets. Other options would include nutrient focused supplements or nutritionally balanced meal kits. A bonus unique to protein powder is the healing properties for your dogs muscle recovery. If your dog was outside hiking all day, adding protein powder to their water will help their muscles repair quicker after the exercise. Whey protein is the most common options for dogs, whey is easily digested by dogs allowing them to extract the most benefits. Before you run to the store to get some protein powder for your pup be sure that your dog is an optimal candidate. Protein powders can be expensive, and you run the risk of feeding your dog an unbalanced meal. Unlike meal mixes, protein powders do not have other nutrients and vitamins that dogs need. The protein powder is not a one stop cure to getting your dog a balanced meal. Just like for humans, taking protein powder doesn’t immediately build you muscle. If you were to start taking protein powder everyday without exercising frequently you would gain weight, the same goes for your pup. Your dog needs to be very active in combination with the powder to build muscle… otherwise they may start to gain the wrong kind of weight. The best protein powders are the ones that are safe to consume and do not contain additives so be sure to check the label when at your local store. Still interested? Try these three brands. 1. Bully Max Canine Supplement 2. Muscle Bully Protein Powder 3. ISOPURE Zero Carb Protein Powder


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