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The Invention of Dog food

The origin of pet food is surprising to most dog owners. We are constantly told by big dog food brands that it is unhealthy, even dangerous to switch up the food we feed our dogs every day. Few pet parents think to question why, or even when dog food was created? The first version of dog food was created in 1890, By businessman James Pratt. Pratt formulated a dried dog biscuit that was used to feed hunting dogs in the English country side. Up until this point dogs were only fed table scraps. The biscuits became incredibly popular, and paved the way for the first meal replacing canned dog food invented in 1922. This was a massive success.

With the development of World War Two tin could no longer be spared, and dog food companies had to get creative, meet kibble. In 1956, the first dry kibble was produced, yes, kibble has only been around for 65 years! The ease of shelf stable dog food that could be tucked away in a closet caused kibble to instantly gain traction. In 1964, The Pet Food Institute (a group of pet food industry lobbyists) launched a series of ad campaigns to convince consumers that commercially prepared dog food was the only option to feed. Some could argue that kibble has had the most effective marketing campaign of all time. Kibble has been established as the leader in pet food, with canned food as a far second and fresh food barely competing. Most pet parents buy kibble because they have been convinced by big brands that it is the only option.

Now we know what you are wondering… Why should we care? Why is dog food bad?

Since its creation kibble has been manufactured In the same way. The food is made through a process called extrusion. Extrusion involves cooking kibble at extremely high temperatures to dry it out and prolong the shelf life. This process can significantly impact the nutrients in the food, and poses many other health risks. Kibble is highly processed and contains incredibly high starch/ carbohydrate levels. Kibbles are typically packed with grains like wheat and corn which are used as ‘fillers’ to keep costs down. Since the invention of kibble there have been few regulations put in place to ensure nutrition levels are being met.

Feeding fresh food is the best way to combat all of the issues kibble causes. Though it is more time consuming there are many companies designed to make this an easier task. Our product line is packets of dehydrated up-cycled fruits and vegetables along with the essential nutrients dogs require to live a healthy life. To cook nutritious meals at homes all the pet parent has to do is add water and their protein source of choice. We have 4 formulations including Oats & Berries, Rice & Vegetables, Algae Mix and Grain Free Nut & Pulses. These mixes make the process of home cooking simple, and your dog will be so much healthier because of it.

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