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Why We Care

When we first started our journey to create a healthy dog food, we were shocked to find all of the negative impacts dog food has on the environment.   The environmental impact of commercially produced kibble carries a significant carbon footprint. A 2017 study found that diets of dogs and cats in the U.S. constitutes about 25-30% of the environmental impacts from animal production. But how do we combat this? Putting your pet on a plant-forward diet instead of feeding purely animal based proteins will significantly help their carbon paw-print. In addition using a pet food that uses up-cycled and locally sourced ingredients with sustainable small packaging. Another option to reduce your dog’s environmental impact is to include your pup to your own food recycling efforts. Americans waste around 30-40% of food. If you have more vegetables then you know what to do with consider adding it to your dogs’ puppy-chow.

Peeping Puppy

Our food is designed to be added to your left over ingredients, to limit your household food waste. We have made our packs with up-cycled fruits and vegetables to limit farmers food-waste.

The Animals Kitchen meal packs offer the option to cook plant forward meals, or meat based meals, so our community can pick how much meat they want their dogs to eat. Finally we designed our packaging to be small, light-weight, and recyclable so that we can feel good about sending it around the world to our dog lovers with as little environmental impact as possible.


Our Food Model

When developing our meal kits we

spent months working and re-working who our suppliers were, how our food would be made, and what ingredients would be used. We wanted to make sure that we were delivering highly nutrient rich food while producing a minimal environmental impact. Addressing the issue of food waste was extremely important to us.


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